Parking lot somewhere in Ohio

I am somewhat leery of social media. I’m on Twitter and Instagram, but mostly because my publisher said I should be. When it comes to social media, I am uncomfortable with the lack of control over my content and the ads that will surround it. I dislike how passive they encourage us to be as digital information consumers.

Long ago there were email newsletters. Those were eventually replaced by blogs, which were in tern replaced by social media. But now newsletters have made a curious niche comeback, so why shouldn’t blogs be next? There’s something nice about having your own little corner of the Internet. And sure, nobody sees it. But that’s probably true of my half-hearted contributions to social media feeds as well. Even those who follow me may not see my post, either because it blew past among all the rest, or because the Twitter and Instagram algorithms degreed it was not worth their attention. So no thanks. If I’m going to post my thoughts in obscurity, it might as well be on my terms.

I generally like to do things on my terms.